Chain Guard Studs in the works.

Chain Guard Studs in the works.

The engine primary chain guard studs are nearing completion. We are now making the inside nuts (OEM # BO759) that hold the studs on the case. They will be included in all of the 472-12 studs. We're just waiting on those nuts to be completed. I hope to have these back in stock by the beginning of August.  I was able to put a couple of these together using some of the samples and have them to the Swap Meet Section.  (Swap Meet Section is found on the bottom of the left hand menu bar.)

July 9, 2019 Footboard Rod Center Nuts and Engine Sprocket Nuts back in stock.

We've finished up the Footboard Rod (center) nuts, part #2932-14, and the Engine Sprocket Nuts and they are now available on the website.
July 8, 2019   Intake Rocker Arms and Assemblies back in stock.

July 8, 2019 Intake Rocker Arms and Assemblies back in stock.

Intake Rocker Arms, part number EA346 are now back in stock.  We've also done a limited run of these that come with the bushings fit to the rocker arms and include the nuts and bolts.  The part number on them is EA346-K.

New Web Site!!

Welcome to our new website! Take a look around. 

The top menu bar contains all of the categories as laid out in our catalog. The SideBar (on the left) contains additional links to try and make browsing for parts easier.  The search bar is now a great way to find parts.  Whether you know a part number or just know that its and Intake part, it gives much better results than our old website!

The 'CDI Latest Info' section will have updates on our products and happenings.  The Information section contains all of the Technical Info that was in the back of our old catalog. I hope to continue updating this section with new info as time goes on.  Towards the bottom of the home page are the links to our picture galleries.

We've added a 'coming soon' section to show parts that we are currently working on. 

To clean things up and make finding available parts easier, all discontinued parts have been removed from our catalog.  If you can't find it in our online catalog, we don't sell it.  

When it comes to submitting an order or checking out, you no longer will need to call us with your card info.  You can now use your credit card to checkout OR you can use paypal.