Shipping and Orders for the EU and UK. £150 ($180 USD) Minimum order on our website.

On July 1st, 2021, new VAT rules took effect in the EU and the UK.   

  • All orders shipped to the EU are now subject to VAT. Until July 1st, 2021, when buyers in the EU purchase goods shipped from a country outside of that region with a total value below €22, they are exempt from paying VAT. As of July 1st, 2021, buyers will be required to pay VAT on all purchases up to €150. Import VAT and duties will continue to apply on orders above this threshold. Merchants shipping goods to EU buyers from outside of the EU can choose to collect VAT on orders below €150 to simplify the buying and shipping experience for their customers. If merchants choose not to collect VAT on exports to the EU below €150, customers will be charged upon delivery of the goods by the carrier.

What this means for orders from Competition Distributing:

  • * We do not currently have the ability to collect VAT via our website.
  • Orders placed via our website below the £150 / $180 minimum will be canceled.
  • Orders placed through the Ebay Flyingbanana Store will be the most streamlined shipments.  Ebay handles all the legalities / financials.
  • Orders over £150 will have the VAT collected prior to delivery.
  • This allows us to take/ship orders that are over the £150 minimum limit.
  • We will not collect VAT on your order.
  • This requires that your delivery agent collects VAT before delivery.
  • This can affect speed of delivery.

At this time, Competitiondist.Com is not collecting VAT on any orders. If you are in the EU or the UK and are ordering from our website, we are currently requiring your order to be a minimum of €150 or £150 (roughly $180 usd).  Orders placed below this amount will be canceled.  This is because we currently do not have the ability to collect the VAT and make the VAT payment to your country.  If you have a small order to place, please do it through our ebay store.  Ebay will display/collect the VAT on your order.  They will then give us an IOSS# for shipment, which will help to streamline the shipment to your country. 

To all our Customers,

I am working on figuring this all out so that I can process all orders through the website and not have to direct buyers to ebay.   It's beyond my scope of knowledge so I'm moving pretty slow.  I'm doing my best, but there is a lot to it!  Please bare with me until I can get this all sorted out.  

Thank you,