About Us

Competition Distributing is an industry-leading provider of antique motorcycle parts and accessories. In conjunction with supplying parts across the globe, we also provide a suite of valuable resources for those collectors and do-it-yourselfers exploring the landscape of antique bikes.

Our mission is to supply the highest-quality original and aftermarket antique motorcycle parts through expert sourcing and cutting-edge manufacturing processes that create stronger, more reliable products. Between an unrivaled stock and a seasoned team of engineers and mechanics, Competition Distributing has emerged as a driving force in keeping antique bikes road-ready.

Continuing a Legacy 


Lonnie Isam founded Competition Distributing Competition Direct in 1968. Lonnie's passion for restoring, collecting, and rebuilding pre-'36 motorcycles is the cornerstone of Competition Distributing.

With an engineer's mind, a curator's eye, and a thrill-seeker's heart, it only makes sense that Lonnie turned his love of Harleys into his livelihood. After all, if you find a job you enjoy, you won't have to work a day in your life.

From hunting down original parts and consulting celebrities on motorcycle purchases to rebuilding bikes and drag racing, there isn’t a part of the world of motorcycles that Lonnie hasn’t explored.

Lonnie Isam Jr. was also pivotal in making Competition Distributing an industry-leading source for antique motorcycles. From his contributions to The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame to his organization of the Motorcycle Cannonball, Junior is renowned in the motorcycle community for his insights, expertise, and generosity.

In 2021, Lonnie Sr. passed the torch to lifelong motorcycle enthusiasts Tom Banks and Sean Jackson. For more than four decades, Tom has been collecting and riding antique bikes. Likewise, Sean has been riding and wrenching on motorcycles since he was a kid. Both Tom and Sean look forward to continuing Lonnie Sr. and Lonnie Jr.'s work in making Competition Distributing the go-to supplier of antique motorcycle parts.


Small Rust-Belt Town. Big Distributing Power.


Rooted in rural Pennsylvania, Competition Distributing ships products across the globe. Since our inception in 1968, our team has worked tirelessly to supply people with the highest-quality original and aftermarket parts to foster a stronger culture and community around antique motorcycles. With one-of-a-kind service and a sweeping stock of original and aftermarket parts, we're fortunate to make good on our commitment every day.

For everyone at Competition Distributing, both past and present, motorcycles are more than just a mode of transportation. They’re symbols of freedom, kinship, and passion.


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