AM-13 Linkert or Schebler AMX Air Scoop (3 options available)

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** There are 3 variants for this Scoop **

  1. Complete Linkert Kit - Includes Scoop, Adapter Plate, Screen, and 6 Screws.

  2. Scoop & Screen Kit  - Includes Scoop, Screen, and 2 Screws.

  3. Scoop Only - Includes Scoop and 2 Screws.

Aluminum Scoop, Made in the USA.
Fits Linkert and Schebler Carburetors.
Scoop mounting holes are 2.20" O.C.
Adapter mounting holes are 1.50" O.C.

These look great just how they are or can be buffed / polished.

Made by Competition Distributing in the USA!