3920-16K Front Hub Bearing Rebuild Kit. 1916 to 1920 Harley JD

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Harley JD Front hub bearing rebuild Kit

Fits 1916 to 1921 Harley J JD F FD Etc.

   Axle Bushing - 5-3/8" Long   OEM # 3920-16
   Left and Right Bearing Cones  OEM # 3923-21 (works for 1916-1921)  
   Lock Washers (x2) OEM # 3926-14
   Axle Bushing Nuts (x2)  Nickel Plated.  OEM# 3929-16
   Ball Bearings (x22) OEM # 0283

**Note that there are some minor differences between the bearing cones used in this assembly and the original bearing cones used from 1916-1921. There is no channel for a wire dust ring and the outer end of the cone is smooth.