226-14 HARLEY JD EXHAUST LIFTER PIN BUSHINGS 1914-1920 61" Twins (will work to 1929)

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Fits 1914 - 1920  61" Twins..
Bushing ID:   .373"
Bushing Length:   1.718"

Lifter Pin for this bushing is part  218-15STD   or 218-15OS

**This can be used on 1921-1929 61" Twins. 

**NOTE:  226-14 (Harley # DA738) has the smaller ID for the 61" pins and is 1.718” long.  It was used for the 61” motors up to around 1920.  At some point in the early/mid 20’s, Harley started using the larger cylinders for both the 74” and 61” motors.  When they did that, they found that the additional ¼” of cylinder height on the 61” motors was causing the exhaust lifter pin & bushing to wear more, so they started making part 225-15  (replaces DA738) which was ¼” longer and kept the smaller ID for the 61”  lifter pins.