1507-24 Harley J JD JDH and Single, Generator Field Coil Set 1924-1929

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This is a set of field coils for Harley-Davidson generators used on JD models from 1924-1929.  
The 1930 and 1935 parts books identify these as being used on 1924-1929 models with no distinction between JD, single, or even the 1929 DL.  Do note that the pole pieces which hold these in place were the same for the big twins and singles from 1920-1929.  Please double check your own reference material to make sure this is what you need.
These are made to exacting standards in the Netherlands.  They will fit your generator frame and they will give the same output as an original.
Used on the following models:
  • 1924-1929 J, JD, JDH 61" & 74" 
  • 1926-1929 Single cylinder or pea shooter