Aug 9th, 2019 Pistons in the Works.

As you may know, Hastings discontinued all of the 3/16" piston rings that we use with our pistons.  I was able to come up with some of these rings and have put in an order for both 61" and 74" pistons. I should be receiving them towards the end of September.  I will update the website and this post as soon as I have the pistons available for purchase, so just check back here.
The sizes of pistons that are being made are as follows:

61" Pistons 74" Pistons
Oversize Net Diameter Oversize Net Diameter
0.010 3.321 0.015 3.452
0.030 3.341 0.025 3.462
0.050 3.361 0.055 3.492
0.060 3.371 0.065 3.502