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Set of 61" Harley JD Pistons  (Sold in Pairs Only)


Each Set Includes:  Pistons(2), Wrist Pins (2),  Keepers (2), Piston Rings (set)

*** Ring Installation: Typically, the square ring goes in the top grove, the the chamferd ring (if there is one), goes in the second groove.

The dot or the #'s on the ring go up.

  61" Piston Minimum Maximum
Oversize Net Diam  Bore  Bore
0.010 3.321 3.326 3.331
0.020 3.331 3.336 3.341
0.030 3.341 3.346 3.351
0.040 3.351 3.356 3.361
0.050 3.361 3.366 3.371
0.060 3.371 3.376 3.381

Piston pins are polished and fit to the pistons.  

 (We do not have a 61"pistons with the .791" Pin)

Limited Quantities of sizes are available.  First come, first serve. We will not hold or set aside.
*There will be a 20% restocking fee on returned pistons. Non-negotiable.

(pistons do not qualify for any discounts)


We make pistons for both 61" and 74" Twins.  All of our pistons are made in the USA and are of superior quality.  These are forged aluminum dome top pistons.  They are slightly higher in compression than stock piston and run great on modern fuels.

Sizes range from +.010 to +.060 oversize.   Make sure your cylinder is straight and round before measuring for pistons.  We like to setup our pistons at about .008 loose.  We suggest setting up anywhere from .005 to .010".

Our 74" Pistons only have the .791" piston pins.  The 61" pistons use the .625" pins.

Pistons do not qualify for any discounts and have a 20% restocking fee.

We try to order pistons once or twice a year and they are first come, first serve.




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