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Part# 1193-22

O.D. 2.17" I.D. 1.550"

Molded in Nitrophyl Foam.

Fits all Harley Davidson Singles & Twins - Some 1-1/8" & all 1-1/4" up. All Makes.

Indians, Excelsior, and other USA Bikes


* Will not leak
* Will not Sink
* Will not Soak
* Made from Nitrophyl, the same material used on new cars/trucks floats


NITROPHYL floats, with a closed-cell, homogeneous structure, offer high reliability and resistance to the attack of many fluids, including: hydrocarbon fuels like gasoline, LPG and jet fuel oils and various other fluids, solvents, and chemicals. The material, a nitrile rubber ebonite formulation, can be molded into intricately shaped floats for a variety of liquid level sensing applications.

NITROPHYL floats are well proven in both automotive and industrial applications. They are used in automotive fuel and oil level sensors, carburetors, and in general liquid level sensing applications, such as underground storage tanks, metering devices and automatic relief valves. The marine and small engine industries also use NITROPHYL floats extensively.

Design Versatility and Reliability

* Moldable into complex shapes.
* A closed-cell material, NITROPHYL material is not hollow.
* Unlike hollow floats, they are not subject to sudden failure.
* Easily machined.
* Resistant to most fuels, oils, aqueous solutions, solvents and chemicals.

NITROPHYL floats can be molded into complex shapes and sizes, with or without inserts and can be machined by all conventional methods without impairing flotation properties.

NITROPHYL material is transformed from a solid material to a hard, cellular structure by a two-step molding process. The outside layers, which are in contact with the hot surfaces of the cavity, produce a hard, smooth outer surface. The inside acquires a closed-cell structure. This distinctly different shell or "skin" protects the cell structure and adds to the mechanical strength of the part. NITROPHYL floats are also abrasion-resistant.


Made Exclusively for Competition Distributing Inc.

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